nighttime skin care routine steps | Natural Hydration Skincare

Try This Nighttime Skin Care Routine | Natural Hydration Skincare

Nov 15, 2022


nighttime skin care routine steps | Natural Hydration Skincare

Our nighttime skin care routine is just as important as getting 6-8 hours of sleep.

Especially after a long day of wearing makeup, exposure to pollution and sun damage. There are many products that can be used for daytime and nighttime skin care, but it’s best to create a skin care routine that helps through each phase of the day.

nighttime skincare routine steps | Natural Hydration Skincare
Give yourself that extra self-care before bed and you will see a difference in how well hydrated your skin looks in the morning. Your nighttime skin care routine does not require expensive or extensive skin care products to look like a million bucks overnight. In fact, following just a few simple steps will give you that morning glow that you will love.


To achieve your ultimate skin care goals, follow these steps for your nighttime skin care routine: 

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1. Remove your makeup before bed 

A busy day calls for some good sleep but not before removing your makeup. No matter how tired you feel, you will never want to break the #1 rule for skin care and that is sleeping with a face full of makeup. There are some easy to use products that melt your makeup right off. Some of the best makeup removers are water-based but oil-based makeup removers work better on water-proof makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, etc., and will not leave you with those raccoon eyes.


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2. Use a facial cleanser for your skin type

Every face cleanser is not made the same, even when it’s from the same brand. Keep in mind that most skin care lines cater to “normal skin” and keep their face wash neutral. That is why we have focused on creating a face cleanser for dry skin and face cleanser for oily skin types.


For those with dry skin, we recommend our AM/PM Facial Cleanser For Dry Skin  with 2% hyaluronic acid. This face cleanser helps to fill the skin with moisture and tightens the overall complexion. Use it as part of your daily skin care routine to see and feel softer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin!


We also offer our AM/PM Facial Cleanser For Oily Skin for those with oily skin. Our unique blend of Black Soap, Argan Oil, & Organic Willow Bark Extract helps to cleanse and hydrate your skin without over drying. And its great for your morning skin care routine as well as your bedtime skin care routine. As a reminder, our skin type determines the kind of products we should use that will help us look our best.

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3. Facial toner provides a shield of protection for your skin

As important as it is to cleanse your face, so is prepping your skin for a full skin care routine. If you skip face toner, it’s much like leaving your skin exposed to sun damage or worse. Imagine cutting an avocado open and leaving it out, the avocado will eventually turn brown.


Think of toner as a shield of protection. Toner helps balance pH levels and it calibrates the skin. Before skipping the face toner, remember to prep the canvas before adding the paint!

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4. Eye cream is the fountain of youth in a tube

The eyes are usually the first to show signs of aging. We get that eye cream can be costly but there are great products on the market that are worth every penny. No need to overspend, just find a product that works for you and treat it like gold, a little dab of eye cream can go a long way.


nighttime skin care routine steps | facial cleanser with hyaluronic acid | Natural Hydration Skincare 5. Customized skin care treatments

When your skin is fully clean and toned, you will want to apply the treatments that are specific for your skin type. The more familiar you are with your skin type, the easier it will be to choose products that will give you the best results. This goes for serums, natural oils, and even prescription products.

6. Moisturizer seals the deal

That final step is what seals the deal on your skin care routine. Finding the right moisturizer for your skin type is essential in that it can help nourish your skin or make it appear extra oily. Doing a skin type test will help with narrowing down the moisturizer that will hydrate your skin and avoid drying it out.


nighttime skin care routine steps | cleanser with hyaluronic acid | Natural Hydration Skincare

Bonus step: Mask it up 

While a face mask is optional, it doesn’t hurt to apply a mask at lease once a week as an added bonus to your skin care routine. It’s like giving your skin a surprise party! Try an overnight mask that you can sleep in and you will wake up happy that you took that extra step in your night time skin care routine.


This step-by-step process will help get the best skin care results in the morning, next to having a good night’s rest. Drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep, complete your night time skin care routine, and repeat for healthy skin. It is also the secret to a happy life!