hyperpigmentation | hyperpigmentation on face | Natural Hydration Skincare

Hyperpigmentation on Face and Skin | Natural Hydration Skincare

Dec 23, 2022

 hyperpigmentation | hyperpigmentation on face | Natural Hydration Skincare

Yes, we know that “hyperpigmentation” is a difficult word to pronounce. Hyperpigmentation is a medical term used to describe darker patches of skin from excess melanin production. If you suffer from this skin condition, you may have first noticed hyperpigmentation spots on your body or face. Unfortunately, you probably struggled with finding over-the-counter treatment as it is usually medically treated by doctors. 

While acne hyperpigmentation is more common, hyperpigmentation can develop and worsen over time without treatment. If you have recently discovered that you suffer from hyperpigmentation, we advise that you become familiar with how it develops and how you may be able to permanently eliminate it. Let’s dive into hyperpigmentation treatment and which products work best for hyperpigmentation from acne. 


hyperpigmentation | hyperpigmentation on face | Natural Hydration Skincare

Hyperpigmentation on Face

If you suffer from acne on your face, you probably developed hyperpigmentation overtime. According to Health Line, hyperpigmentation around your mouth occurs due to sun exposure, hormone fluctuations, medications, and certain underlying conditions. These all create changes in melanin production, particularly on the face. This can cause spots of hyperpigmentation that may appear as discoloration around your mouth or hyperpigmentation on your lips. If not treated, you may develop “hyperpigmentation face” as the discoloration begins to spread. 


hyperpigmentation | facial cleanser for dry skin | Natural Hydration Skincare

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation on Your Face

To treat hyperpigmentation on your face, we recommend that you try some of our favorite everyday products. First, we advise you to cleanse your skin with our AM/PM FACIAL CLEANSER FOR DRY SKIN (WITH 2% HYALURONIC ACID)

Our AM/PM Facial Cleanser is gentle enough for daily use and will leave your skin feeling clean, hydrated, and softer than ever before. Use it as part of your daily skin care routine to see and feel softer, smoother and more youthful-looking skin. 


hyperpigmentation | facial cleanser for oily skin | Natural Hydration Skincare

For those with oily skin, we recommend that you use our AM/PM FACIAL CLEANSER FOR OILY SKIN. Our unique blend of Black Soap, Argan Oil, and Organic Will Bark Extract help to cleanse and hydrate your skin without over drying. 

Black Soap has long been used as a natural cleansing agent, and it is perfect for oily skin types as it helps to remove excess oil and dirt. Argan Oil is a fantastic moisturizer and it helps to balance out oil production. Organic Will Bark Extract is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect your skin from environmental damage. Together, these ingredients make AM/PM Facial Cleanser For Oily Skin by Natural Hydration Skincare the perfect addition to any skin care routine. 

To get rid of the toxins in those deep skin layers, we recommend our DETOX FACE MASK. Our Detox Face Mask assists with deep cleansing your pores and detoxifying the skin. Suitable for oily skin as well as dry skin, you can feel the clay working by pulling out the toxins and impurities from your skin. Simply apply our Detox Face Mask, wait for it to dry, and rinse off with warm water; in the meantime relax with the knowledge that you are minutes away from having a healthier, more beautiful skin!


hyperpigmentation | hyperpigmentation on face | Natural Hydration Skincare

Hyperpigmentation on Body 

Since acne can occur on any part of your skin, hyperpigmentation can also develop due various reasons such as not using the correct products to cure acne for skin. Once most people begin to see hyperpigmentation from acne scars, they begin to try new skincare products for their skin care needs. 

Some of the most uncommon areas that you may notice are hyperpigmentation on the neck area or hyperpigmentation on your inner thighs. In order to begin treatment, you must first get to the root of the skin condition by getting rid of dead skin that builds up due to dryness. We recommend that you try our  CHOCOLATE COFFEE FACE & BODY SCRUB to gently exfoliate your skin back to healthy skin. 


hyperpigmentation | coffee scrub | Natural Hydration Skincare


The Natural Hydration Chocolate Coffee Exfoliating Body Scrub will leave you feeling refreshed. It provides skin hydration and improves your skin complexion. It also consists of Omega 6 fatty acids which help fight against premature aging (cellular healing). This product has Vitamin C and Magnesium which help protect and maintain a healthy skin. Natural Hydration Chocolate Coffee Body Scrub acts as a natural sunscreen that also consists of antioxidants that repair the cells to rejuvenate a brighter skin.

To sum it up, hyperpigmentation can be treated with natural ingredients. We often rely on our doctor to give us the best treatment for any skin conditions. However, if you use Mother Nature’s medicine, you can often find a treatment for more than your skin condition. Next time you shop for skin care products, make sure that you use products that are multi-beneficial for the skin on your face and body. The best treatment comes from Earth and we pride ourselves in creating products with the most natural ingredients.