Happy Clients

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I loved it and met the owner she is so professional

Constant compliments on the look of my healthy beard & “You smell good”’s

Never Disappointed

This is probably one of my favorite products this company offers. Quality is top notch and I truly can't think of a brand (big or small) that can compare.

This product is the best out there I have used other butter butter/ shea butter product but this is the real deal I treat it like gold nothing works on my face/ skin like this even my cat loves it.. she stay by side sniffing and gets mad if I don’t let her lick my hand with the product on it.. the smell the texture is AMAZING!! Please continue to support this Queen and her line of products/ business..once you go NaturalHydrationskincare.com you will never look anywhere else.. thanks for making this product my lady

My Go To!

A year later this is still my go to for keep my face hydrated🙌🏾 It has me glowing and my skin loves it !!


This smells amazing and the scent lasts faintly throughout the day! It helps my skin glow and is apart of my skincare arsenal for the winter when ny skin gets very dry. I love it!!

*LIMITED EDITION* Pumpkin Spice Body Butter | Natural Hydration Skincare

This smooth, creamy butter gives me a glossy moisturizing finish. Smells amazing and I will be buy more. Thank you Natural Hydration!

*LIMITED EDITION* Pumpkin Spice Body Butter | Natural Hydration Skincare

Smells delicious and smooth creamy moisturizer

I love the face oil

I have been using the radiant 3 in 1 face oil for about a year and it is a game changer. After I use my cleanser or face scrub, I apply the oil and my face is glowing. It feels so refreshed and so light. I love this oil and I’m going to continue using it for the rest of my life.

Lovely scent & moisturizing for hours

Soothing & the most non-abrasive scrub I’ve used yet

Love it

I love this stuff it makes my whole body, including my lady parts stay smooth and hydrated!

I absolutely love the glow this leaves my skin with! I’ll definitely be purchasing more once it runs out!


First off I would like to say if it wasn’t for these products, I don’t know what my skin would be like today. Since the introduction of these products, I instantly gain results!…these products work, they naturally authentic, beneficial to the skin and mental. I love it.


My niece has been using this product on her skin for her eczema for a week and it’s working miracles.

Best mask!!!

I have been Natural Hydration for 5 years now and the products have never failed me. I am so in love with this detox mask. My face feels soft and smooth and glowing. Using the mask with the skin oil or body butter(lavender) you’ll get the best results!!!

Pulls it in ….

The detox mask does something magical to your face.
It pulls everything in and tightens your face . I truly look forward to using this protect every single time.

Love the face oil

Uplifts your soul…
When you just put a drop on your face. It’s like your mood gets oiled too.
It gives a glow that you didn’t know you need but you know you needed. The best thing is that you know what’s going on your face. The ingredients are simple/

Love love love this.

Love love love this!
Immediately loved the smell and texture - super creamy and rich but not sticky or overly greasy. I used it and completely fell in love. I've been using their oatmeal scrub for years and didn't think I'd find something just as good but this definitely has proved me wrong. Smells delicious and feels so good on the skin! Only con is that it's unfortunately only recommended to utilize 2-3/week.
Wish I could use it daily!

Body Butter Baby

The STRAWBERRY VANILLA BODY BUTTER is my favorite ! It’s smells just like strawberry vanilla cake and the texture is amazing leaves your body smelling yummy and feeling incredibly soft .

Detox Mask

I’ve been using the Detox Mask for a week and love it ! It leaves my face feeling soft and smells lovely .

I love the scrub. It smells so good. I love how it moisturizes my skin. I don't have to put on lotion right after my shower. Thanks so much for making these products that help with my skin. I think you guys are great! The prices are so affordable too.